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Human E-Recruitment: key to hiring success at Expensya

The human resource technology field is evolving at a rapid pace. Every few weeks, it seems like a new system or resource is developed to assist recruiters in hiring the best talents out there. Although the new HR technologies may be daunting at times, there are several innovations that have helped to improve the hiring process drastically. Hopefully, hiring teams will be taking advantage of these advancements now more than ever.

Amid a global pandemic, recruiters are even looking to make a long-term investment in an end-to-end digital recruitment process. But can this process of going fully digital be carried out without removing the human element from the hiring cycle? Wouldn’t this digitized process, with these unlimited benefits reveal a dark side that can be frustrating for the candidate in a recruitment cycle?

Our recruitment specialists raised this strategic topic and provided us with all the needed answers.

What is e-recruitment?

E-recruitment, often known as online recruitment, is the process of attracting, analyzing, choosing, recruiting, and onboarding job candidates using web-based technology.

Employers can access a bigger number of potential employees through e-recruitment. Companies can even create their own e-recruitment platforms, use e-recruitment HR software, or hire recruiting companies that include e-recruitment in their services.

Today’s business environment is characterized by fierce rivalry, with only the fittest surviving. As a result, HR technology has evolved into more than simply a buzzword; it went from nice-to-have to a must-have. The use of technology in human resources management in the form of HRIS (Human Resources Information System) has made it easier and faster to gather, organize, and distribute information to employees, as well as accelerating the selection and recruitment process in a few ways.

Advantages of e-recruitment

Automate the process

Thanks to softwares like Applicant Tracking System (or ATS), recruiting has become 10 times easier. It facilitates the process, including job postings and applications. It aggregates and makes searchable information about job searchers. An ATS also keeps track of candidates throughout the employment process. It assists with interview scheduling, sends automated emails to candidates and internal employees such as the recruiter and hiring manager, and provides notifications and alerts. All while respecting the principles of General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR).

But these systems are far more than just organizers: when an interesting candidate declines an offer to join another company, you have a follow-up system configured to ask for their news in the next 8 months, and when a rejected candidate reapplies after a period, you have all the reasons for refusal, and you can see if they should be given a second chance if the rejection reasons are no longer irrelevant. It keeps a database of applicants and people who may be prospects for future vacant positions. At Expensya, this has helped automate 70% of the traditional hiring ways. In fact, using Welcome to The Jungle, a SaaS tool, that allows HR professionals to provide their candidates with the best recruitment experience possible, has enabled Expensya’s teams to better showcase its employer brand through video interviews, images, and key company information, while also presenting prospects with insights on their future working environment. their future working environment.

Use matching technologies

Thanks to artificial intelligence’s (AI) predictive powers, recruiters may now be much more strategic in their efforts. That’s because AI technologies can now learn more about us than humans ever did: our personality traits, IQ, likes and dislikes, trustworthiness, and even whether we’re lying or not. As a result, a slew of AI-based solutions (apps, platforms, chatbots, and so on) are hitting the market to assist companies to streamline their hiring processes.

Based on predictive data, the system can analyze possible candidates and send out warnings when an excellent candidate is likely to be ready for a job shift.

Keeping the human element in the hiring process

While artificial intelligence and data analytics can help recruiters to find the right candidate, part of the recruiting process must remain human. For this, it is necessary to limit the intervention of the software and to know when the recruiter intervenes as well as his control over the decision-making. Remaining consistent with the company’s goals and beliefs is essential.

With the never-ending technology tools, talent acquisition specialists must find ways to show appreciation towards candidates, ensure that the company values are respected, and reintroduce the human touch back in the process. The goal of AI is to make the hiring process more human and efficient, as well as to make the workplace more inclusive and accessible to everyone but they are not of great help when it comes to understanding people’s aspirations, the organizational culture they need to be at their natural best, what motivates them, and especially if they will fulfill their future team’s expectations. For this, you need recruiters. Providing a positive interview experience is at the essence of Expensya’s recruitment process. We set our candidates for success so they can be the best version of themselves.

Myriam Amara, our talent acquisition manager states: “Many approaches of the hiring process are automized nowadays, but the human element of talent acquisition such as evaluating soft skills, motivating candidates, and conveying the company culture can’t be

Since the organization development department can now save time while also increasing productivity and communication by implementing automation, the focus can shift to more important matters. The future of the team is unquestionably data-driven, and the digital transformation that has occurred over the years necessitates the OD department’s consideration of new tactics to bring back the human in human resources if a company, as we know and love it, is to survive, let alone thrive.

Expensya is currently hiring new talents, feel free to apply and join our dynamic team!

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