Advanced spend management for your enterprise.

Expensya simplifies your travel and expense process by automating and managing your spend, so there's less work for employees, more accuracy in your data and a clear view into your budgets and forecasts.

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Spot risks and prevent fraud.

Automatically identify potential fraud – using anomaly detection technology to proactively spot out-of-the-ordinary expense amounts, check receipt validity or identify other patterns that reveal risks.


A global solution that works anytime, anywhere.

With customers in more than 192 countries, Expensya lets you manage all of your global travel and expenses, reimbursements, and bill payments from one platform. Eliminate the complexity of managing corporate spend across borders and currencies with a system that automatically adapts to the legal framework of the countries in which you’re located.

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Manage compliance with global tax regulations.

Tax issues domestically and internationally can be challenging to navigate. Do you know which purchases are tax deductible? Do you know when you can correctly reclaim VAT? What about mileage rates that vary by country? With Expensya, you can connect to apps that manage tax compliance wherever your global workforce travels.

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Eliminate hidden spend.

Manage all of your employee initiated spend and related allowances such as mileage, per diems, or work from home allowances from one platform, eliminating ‘hidden spend’ surprises.


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Per Diem

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Allowances screen
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Gain global insights with Power BI tools.

Gain global insights with Power BI tools.

Get full transparency into spend with interactive dashboards and intelligence tools that give you detailed information to help you effectively negotiate with vendors, understand your costs, predict cashflow and increase the accuracy of forecasts and budgets.

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See Expensya Payment Cards in action.

Spend a few minutes exploring our interactive demo to get a firsthand look at how our payment cards work.

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What’s the difference between cards?

Want to learn about the different types of business bank cards, virtual payment cards and what a card program could mean for your business? This practical guide will help you assess your needs so that you can choose the best payment method for your business.

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Integrate to ERP platforms and more.

With Expensya you get one integrated platform for payment cards, expense management, budgets, and travel booking so you can avoid the time and cost of integration between the bank and Expensya or the integration to other tools like your ERP. Because cards, expenses, budgets, and travel bookings are all in one platform, you also have native reconciliation between the bookings/payments and the expense.

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Learn about these enterprises who rely on Expensya to manage their spend.

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"Business intelligence is one of the key options that seduced decision-makers and guided their choice of Expensya. Having our custom dashboards worked in favor of the Expensya solution."

Thomas Pruneyrac
Global Director Travel Expense

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"Easy to use. The solution really speeds up the creation of expense reports and turns my worst nightmare into a pleasure! Congratulations to the team, I love it!"

Petr Kominek
IT Project Manager

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"It's easy to manage multi-country expense reports and have a global view of all expenses."

Hervé Peyronnet
Chief Financial Officer

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