Finally, a people-first expense solution that everyone likes.

When your employees find it simple, quick and easy to use, HR feels the value.

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Why Expensya for Human Resources?

Productivity at its highest.

Expensya takes care of the boring stuff, freeing employees and managers to be more productive.

AI-enabled features like mileage tracking and OCR means less paper, fewer errors and less wasted time.

Goodbye paper. Hello happy employees.

An easy-to-use mobile app with features that make business trips and expenses less of a hassle leads to happy employees.

Plus, integration with Teams and instant chatbot features make communication and collaboration easy.

Compliance is easy.

Flexible spending controls and payment card options help employees spend wisely, ensuring compliance without stressing about errors or exceeding spending limits.

Employees get what they need to spend, and approvers feel confident managing employee spend.

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"An employee came up to me and said that with Expensya, I'm going to make expense reports every day!"

Albert Bélingard
General Secretary - Financial & HR Manager

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AI-enabled expense that works, so you can do your work.

Expensya transforms expense management for everyone in your organization. Its smart AI-features make it super user friendly. It works as it should, so you and your team can work how you want.

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Features HR teams love.

User-friendly UI

Mobile app

Compliance and policy control

Flexible payment card options

Self-serve setup

Fraud & risk prevention

HR leaders from trusted companies trust us.

You can, too.

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"Thanks to the tutorials Expensya had sent me, I was able to use them again to better explain how it works to employees, and today it works great.

Léo Dagada
Human Resources Manager

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Tips for managing expenses in a
remote working world.

The massive shift to remote work, sped up by COVID-19, has profoundly impacted business costs. While remote work brings flexibility, it also poses challenges like expense management and communication beyond the office.

Get our essential guide, Managing Expenses in the Remote Work Era, for expert tips and insights on navigating the changes effectively in this new world of remote work. Learn best practices for:

  • Optimizing your spending policy
  • Communicating with employees and travelers
  • Expense digitization and automation
  • And much more.

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