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Tailor-made training courses that meet the nuances of each customer's needs:

  • Primary users training
  • Administrators training
  • Business intelligence training

Participants are assessed throughout the training to track progress and to document what you need to recover training fees.

For any questions related to the adaptation of our training courses for people with disabilities or to find out about the content of our training programs, contact us at hello@expensya.com.

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Our project managers work closely with your business teams to help them get up and running quickly from day one.

Advanced training options ensure success.

Support your employees by offering tailor-made training and benefit from costs being covered by your skills operator:

  • Get advanced training for a group of employees for a fixed fee.
  • Customized training can be created on a case-by-case basis.

Expensya will draw up a training agreement to be sent to your OPCO to design a framework for success.