Spend control or damage control?

Expensya gives you full transparency into expenses, so you can stay ahead of costs.

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Introducing intelligent expense management.

Is your expense management system spotting errors and stopping fraud? Is it improving cost control and forecasting? Expensya by Medius can’t solve everything. Just the hard stuff.

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Manage expenses on the go.

With Expensya's mobile app employees can digitally capture receipts, submit and approve expense reports, and easily manage Per Diem and Mileage entries all from their mobile (Android/iOS) device.

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Expensya payment card

Payment Cards & Budgets

Use cards to manage one-time or recurring charges.

Manage all your cards directly from Expensya. Set controls, define custom limits for each expense card, and adjust them whenever you need. When an employee makes a purchase with the Expensya card, the matching expense is created automatically.

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Expensya integrations.

Expensya integrates with travel, HR, payroll, accounting, and ERP solutions to enable system integration and data reconciliation between systems.

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Expensya integrations

smart policy mobile screen
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Smart Policy

Automated approval workflows.

Monitor, control, and validate expenses incurred in accordance with your company’s expense policy. Configure multiple levels of expense validations giving you complete control.

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Multi-Currency & Country

Global expense management simplified.

Manage corporate spend across borders and currencies with a system that automatically adapts to the legal framework of the countries in which you’re located. Used in 192 countries, Expensya works in multiple languages, can manage multi-currencies and has advanced features for VAT and multiple taxes.

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Global expenses


Get a consolidated view of spend.

Get full transparency into spend with interactive dashboards and intelligence tools, so you can stay ahead of costs, look for unusual spending patterns, predict cashflow and increase the accuracy of forecasts and budgets.

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See Expensya Payment Cards in action.

Spend a few minutes exploring our interactive demo to get a firsthand look at how our payment cards work.

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Changes, trends and world challenges: how to stay ahead in business travel.

In a world reshaped by ongoing challenges, business travel is both a realm of opportunities and a landscape of shifting trends. Companies must be ahead of the game to navigate these new paths, armed with insights that guide smarter decisions.

Check out the latest whitepaper, Business Travel: Prepare Today for a Smoother Tomorrow, which breaks down the dynamic world of business travel with insights from industry leaders Expensya, Egencia, and Axys Odyssey. Learn from experts on business travel emerging trends, main challenges, and practical strategies to drive your company forward.

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Let Expensya automatically review and reconcile expense reports.

Expensya uses intelligent technology to automate expense report review and reconciliation so that you don’t have to.

Spot risks before they add costs.

Automatically identify potential fraud – using anomaly detection technology to proactively spot out-of-the-ordinary expense amounts, duplicate expenses, check receipt validity or identify other patterns that reveal risks.

Ensure compliance at all levels.

Configure multiple levels of expense validations or reimbursement limits and maintain control over company spending. Assign and manage budgets centrally, so employees can stop asking for cash advances.

Enforce policies automatically.

Set your spend policy in the application by configuring expense rules, reimbursement limits and alerts. Load your policy into the Expensya chatbot, so users get instant support.

Put an end to duplicate data entry.

Keep information flowing between Expensya and payroll, HR, accounting, travel or payment solutions – using pre-built integrations to improve data quality and reduce errors.

Manage expenses from Microsoft Teams.

Easily connect with coworkers on budgets and expenses via Expensya’s Microsoft Teams embedded app. Create and approve expenses from within Teams.


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"Thanks to Expensya, our employees are able to consult and track their business expenses in real time, simply and conveniently."

Pierre Helleboid
IT Project Manager

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