Payment cards give purchasing power within limits.

Put virtual or physical Expensya cards in your employees’ hands, and give them purchasing power without sacrificing control.

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Set users free by setting the terms.

Set the payment limits, expense categories, budgets, and the days and hours that the cards will work for your employees. These rules are checked each time the payment card is used.

You get a centralized view of the past and future spend, and employees literally cannot spend out of policy.

Recurring payments such as subscriptions can easily be managed via virtual cards while physical cards are often preferred for road warriors.

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It’s easier to manage money before it’s gone.

When you shift from post-purchase apologies to upfront approvals, you get total control over what gets spent, and you ensure compliance and control.

Expensya gives employees a card with pre-set spending terms-plus simple budgeting tools they can follow—so they can buy what they need for work without going outside your polices. This also eliminates cash advances and out-of-pocket expenses, so reimbursement isn’t an issue.

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What’s the difference between cards?

Want to learn about the different types of business bank cards, virtual payment cards and what a card program could mean for your business? This practical guide will help you assess your needs so that you can choose the best payment method for your business.

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Integration to the platform is already done.

With Expensya you get one integrated platform for payment cards, expense management, budgets and travel booking so you can avoid the time and cost of integration between the bank and Expensya or the integration to other tools like your ERP. Because cards, expenses, budgets, and travel bookings are all in one platform, you also have native reconciliation between the bookings/payments and the expense.

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Spot risks before they add costs.

Expensya points out risks before they turn into costs—using automatic anomaly detection to spot out-of-the-ordinary expense amounts, identify unusual spending patterns, and validate receipts. With real-time visibility to all payments, you can disable the card or the budget immediately for concerns of fraudulent activities.

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Securely manage payments on the go.

Easily add your virtual or physical Expensya card to Apple Pay or Google Pay for secure and convenient mobile payments.

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