Our clients love expense management that works, so they don’t have to.

Over 6,000 customers found a better way to handle travel and expenses. Here are the stories of companies using Expensya to manage employee spend the way it should be.

More than 600,000 users trust Expensya to make expense reports easier than ever.

Expensya suits the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries who can’t afford to be bogged down with clumsy, complex employee spend management. Learn how Expensya can help you:

  • Capture receipt data with a never-before-seen level of accuracy.
  • Remove frustration – and fraud – from managing expense reports.
  • Set users free by setting the terms, giving purchasing power within prescribed limits.
  • Create, review and approve expense reports from anywhere with an on-the-go mobile app.
  • Get employees going on the system instantly – with intuitive, friendly, UI.

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Thales designs dynamic expense management with Expensya.

In this video, Stéphane El Mabrouk, Chief Operating Officer at Thales Digital Factory, explains their implementation of Expensya, its adoption, and ease of use.

Still managing expense reports in spreadsheets?

This customer has a better approach.

"We were using Excel sheets and honestly, we are quite impressed by the OCR+ Technology. It recognized everything on the invoice in a few seconds. The accounting team saved 2 to 3 hours per month and employees saved 30 minutes per expense after implementing Expensya!"

Florian Stransky
Chief Financial Officer

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When finance is happy and employees are happy, that’s expense management as it should be.

"One of the most important aspects of the project that we really appreciated was the way we worked with the project manager who was guiding, reassuring, available and constructive. Really great. A successful and efficient implementation."

Didier Altide
Innovation Manager

"It's become a pleasure to do expense reports. If I had to recommend an expense management tool, it would be Expensya without hesitation."

Albert Bélingard
General Secretary - Financial & HR Manager

"Thanks to Expensya, our employees are able to consult and track their business expenses in real time, simply and conveniently."

Pierre Helleboid
IT Project Manager

"Fast and uniquely ergonomic, the Expensya solution is tailored to the specific needs of Kerry Logistics, as well as to the expectations expressed by our employees."

Florian Stransky
Chief Financial Officer

"Our managers have had nothing but positive feedback: 95% of our employees are satisfied with the solution."

Vincent Thomas
IT Project Manager

"Our employees find the Expensya solution extremely practical and intuitive. French, English or German, everyone can select their language and use the solution without any hassle. For an international company like Rimowa, that's fantastic."

Jasmin Merz
Sales Coordinator & Travel Management Manager

"Expensya saves time for all users - even accountants.

Lionel Lascaux
Chief Financial Officer

"We used to recover micro-VAT from restaurant invoices. This method was more expensive than it was worth. Now everything's automated, and calculating VAT is super simple. It's perfect!"

Philippe Merlet
Chief Information Officer

"Exporting data from Expensya allows us to easily integrate this data into our software, eliminating double data entry. This leaves us more time for higher value-added tasks."

Romain Tetillon

"The time spent on accounting has been reduced by almost 60 to 70%."

Damien Bonhomme
Project Manager

"This was one of the factors that set Expensya apart from other Expensya's advantage. Once the the receipt is digitized, it's possible to go paperless. It's fantastic."

Sophie Anselin
Project Manager

"No need for instructions. The solution is simple to administer, making it easy to manage and use. Since integrating Expensya, the time taken to process expenses has been reduced by half."

Hervé Peyronnet
Chief Financial Officer

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