Take the stress and cost out of business travel expenses.

Say goodbye to employee complaints and hello to travel expense management control everyone will love.

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Why Expensya for Travel Managers?

Travel policy management simplified.

Virtual and physical Expensya cards give your users freedom within the limits you set. You get control. They get control. It makes business travel easier for all.

Compliance across borders.

Reliable AI technology that scans all receipt data accurately in multiple languages means higher accuracy and compliance you can count on, no matter where your employees travel. Stopping risks before they happen saves stress and money.

Optimized travel spend ROI.

Maximize your travel expenses' ROI based on your travel policy. Simplify business travel for everyone. Set a budget, and employees can book on their preferred platform within the allocated budget.

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"The multilingual and intuitive Expensya solution adapts to Rimowa's specific needs and meets the expectations of employees in their daily use."

Jasmin Merz
Sales Coordinator and Travel Management Officer

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AI-enabled expense that works, so you can do your work.

Expensya transforms expense management for everyone in your organization. Its smart AI-features make it super user friendly. It works as it should, so you and your team can work how you want.

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Features Travel Managers appreciate.

Automated mileage expenses

Automatic currency conversion

Multi-lingual and currency management

An ecosystem of travel partners

Per Diem management

Mobile app

Travel leaders from trusted companies trust us.

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"The mobile application is perfectly adapted to our usage needs, especially for field workers. The expense reports can be managed while we are on the road, so it is no longer necessary when returning to the office. Everything is much easier, and that is one of the essential things we didn't have in the past that today allows us to further optimize processes."

Jasmin Merz
Sales Coordinator and Travel Manager

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Insider secrets: how to master business travel expenses.

Business travel demands thorough planning, clear communication and smart spending. Master the art of preparation and expense control with our guide: Master Business Travel Expenses: Your Ultimate Guide.

Focus on budgeting before travel, refine policies, and use tech tools for easy expense tracking. Learn about tax benefits, empower your team with savvy travel tips, boost financial efficiency and much more.

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