Focus on more than the latest expense report error.

Simplify expense management with technology that gives you the relief, clarity and convenience your team deserves.

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Why Expensya for Finance?

Control costs.
Before they happen.

Keeping costs and spending under control is what you do.

We make it easier by giving you an AI-powered solution that shifts spending from post-purchase apologies to upfront approvals – so compliance stays high and cashflow accurate.

Stress less.
See more.

Intelligent technology does the hard work, so you don’t have to stress over manual errors, matching and even fraud.

Plus, virtual and physical cards give your employees purchasing power without sacrificing control. It’s true. You set the terms and then get the data instantly.

Make it easy.
Get what you need.

Mobile apps, instant chatbots, automated mileage tracking and policy controls make it easy for employees to learn, use and comply.

When you give them a people-first solution, they are happy, you are happy and your budgets are happy, too.

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"Expensya saves time for all users - even accountants."

Lionel Lascaux
Chief Financial Officer

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AI-enabled expense that works, so you can do your work.

With OCR technology that processes receipts in 20 seconds with an accuracy rate of 90 percent, the data you get is accurate, timely, and precise. Plus, the solution works across 70 languages, making it easy for employees worldwide. Expensya does the tedious work for you so you and your Finance team can focus on bigger things.


Is your expense management process helping or hurting?

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It shouldn’t be this hard or costly. See how to replace stress with simplicity with Expensya from Medius.

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Features Finance teams love.

Forecasting & cash flow visibility

Custom approval flows

Mobile app

Automatic per diem and mileage

Fraud detection

Compliance and policy control

Learn why going paperless is the smart choice for efficiency and compliance in our latest white paper: Digitizing Business Expenses: Is Zero Paper Compliant and Secure?

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Finance leaders from trusted companies trust us.

You can, too.

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OCR+ technology transforms the employee process.

Kerry Logistics used a payment provider to handle their clients' business spending. But, it was a hassle – super time-consuming with tons of paperwork involved. Enter Expensya, and things got smoother. See how Expensya helped Kerry Logistics:

  • Go paperless
  • Simplify data
  • Save money, and more

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"We were using Excel sheets, and honestly we are quite impressed by the OCR+ Technology. It recognized everything on the invoice in a few seconds!"

Florian Stransky
Finance and Accounting Director

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See Expensya Payment Cards in action.

Spend a few minutes exploring our interactive demo to get a firsthand look at how our payment cards work.

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