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Boomerang Hires: Re-join Expensya!

Seeing your colleagues leaving the company is heartbreaking sometimes, it is always a particular period, a sad moment for some colleagues, even for the company itself because a replacement might be needed to fill the concerned position. However, if those employees had a pleasant experience in your company, they might come back one day and bring interesting perspectives to the organization. Boomerang hires are becoming progressively a new trend. According to this study, 76% of HR professionals say they are more accepting of hiring boomerang employees today than in the past.

What is a boomerang hire? How does Expensya work on its Boomerang strategy? What are the advantages of such practice? Our editorial team will raise this strategic topic and answer those questions thoroughly!

What’s a boomerang hire?

A boomerang hire is someone who leaves its company and choose to come back at that same organization later. At a certain time in a professional career, an employee could feel the need to try something different elsewhere, explore new opportunities or simply follow its own passion. Major changes in his life can also be a reason of the departure in an organization.

How does Expensya work on its boomerang hire strategy?

Tailored alumni program

The HR team and employees at Expensya are constantly in touch with their ex-colleagues, just to catch up and see how they are doing in their new positions. Keeping in touch is essential and could be a crucial move to bring back your ex-colleague one day. 

Invitation to a team event

Even if someone does not work at Expensya anymore, he or she will be always part of the company. Ex-employees are used to attend many team events organised by Expensya, that is how this Fintech strengthens the relationships and build a strong community.

Sense of belonging

At Expensya, straight after the onboarding period, employees already feel at home! A sense of belonging grows day after day, it is part of the company’s values. Expensya makes new hires feel comfortable at the workplace: assisting them during their onboarding, going out during lunch time and having two or three team lunches per week, organizing team events…

Boomerang strategy advantages

Welcoming boomerang hires holds prominent advantages for the company we should talk about.

Faster integration

Boomerang hires know already the drill. They are used to the company and have the knowledge of all the tools needed to start working. Thereby, they can be more efficient and productive in a short period of time.

Enterprise culture

Company culture is an important factor and can make significant impact on whether someone remains in a role. A new hire does not know the full picture of the organisation’s way of life before signing his new contract. However, a boomerang hire already knows the culture of the company, which makes them choose Expensya again.

New perspectives

Boomerang hires could potentially bring new perspectives to the company with their experience and new skills acquired. Those last can use their competitive intelligence with their team and even increasing the chances to attract new clients for the company.

Reducing hiring cost

Re-joining a company leads inevitably to an easier hiring process and less costly. Having already built strong relationships with current employees, the HR team can rely on those and spend less time on the hiring phase.

Boomerang hires at Expensya

Between 2019 and 2020, 5 ex-employees from different countries already boomeranged back at Expensya! Thereby, some people walked out the door but the French fintech managed to bring back some of them!

To provide our readers with a full picture on our boomerang hires, we went to talk to them. They have accepted to give us a glimpse on their stories, it is included in the final part of this article.

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Treat departing employees like future employees

Offboarding process

HR Team are always planning ahead when an employee is about to leave the company with an offboarding process where the employee has to provide a letter of resignation which needs to be accepted. The employee will finally meet the HR Team for out-processing and providing constructive feedback to enhance employees’ experience at Expensya. Our HR Team extremely value those feedback because caring for its employees is essential.

Organizing a farewell

A farewell party will be organised after the departure of the employee. It is a way for Expensya co-workers to say “goodbye” to this person and talk about the future, planning to meet again, thanking the person for its accomplishments.

Flexible handover

Expensya allows to its departing employees a period to let them and organise his/her departure. If those lasts need some time to get their documents ready, complete interviews or for other reasons, Expensya will allow its employees to do so. To maximize their chances to get a job, Expensya will also provide them recommendations letters which are required in most cases when applying. The HR Team will assist their employees from the offboarding period until they fill their new position elsewhere.

Boomerang hires experiences at Expensya

We have gathered some testimonies of three boomerang hires at Expensya with different profiles, we wanted to know the mains reasons that led them to come back to the company.

Our VP of Engineering, Iadh Aboud:

After years at Microsoft, I spent a couple of years at Lyft within the autonomous vehicles division then I decided it was time for me to join Expensya again. The move was mainly motivated by the fact that Expensya has so many growth opportunities for engineers, I am a true believer in Expensya’s mission to automate spend management and that I want to help turn Expensya into the Leader it is meant to become. I was amazed to see how mature the little startup I used to know has now became while managing to keep its identity and core values. Working for Expensya again has been very exciting so far. The impact is very real, and the learning never stops.”

Our Sales Manager, Jafar Belhaj: 

I’ve decided to come back at Expensya for many reasons. I really liked the fact that I can share  and propose my ideas, co-constructing with a team and being part of the development of a major editor . I really felt that I was part of a great adventure. It is also a multicultural company with a caring and employee-friendly HR culture. Its solution innovates very quickly, which allows you to stay one step ahead in a highly competitive market. The working day, the projects, the daily routine, … are different. This makes each working day unique and rich in learning. The mix of experience between employees, and a strong team spirit, belonging and collaboration.

Our Software Developer, Nidhal Ben Youssef:

The most important thing is that the discussion with the managers was friendly. They tried to understand the reasons for me to leave the company and to convince me to stay at Expensya. But when they understood that I needed this, they were comprehensive and helpful giving me some career advices and telling me that I will always be part of the Expensya family. Working at Expensya gives you the opportunity to participate in building something big. It is an environment where you have the right to make mistakes and learn from them. An environment with a unique team culture. My experience at Expensya was very interesting and enriching, and even when I left, I knew that I’ll come back. I stayed in contact with the team even after my offboarding. The team culture in Expensya is unique. And as we say in the team: “Expensya once, Expensya always.”

Offboarding an employee is perfectly mastered by Expensya Team that schedules a meeting with the departing employee, thanking him for its contribution. Expensya Team ensures the smooth transition of its employees, assisting them from the offboarding period until they fill their new position elsewhere. Co-workers at Expensya organise a memorable farewell party for their colleagues leaving, because Expensya is also a family. Expensya is currently hiring new talents, feel free to apply and join our dynamic team!

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