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From payments to accounting. Automate the whole process. This is the era of Smart Spend!

A solution designed for every company


Small business

Are you a small company that wants to automate expense report creation and submission for yourself or your team? Expensya has designed a solution tailored for the needs of sole proprietors and micro-enterprises, enabling you to devote your time to your core business.

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Fast growing companies

Are you a fast-growing company that needs to optimize expense management? Optimize your process using Expensya: automatic data entry, simplified expense validation, integration with your ecosystem, and fingertip control.

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Are you a large company with complex, rigorous processes? Expensya simplifies them without compromising on accuracy: a high-tech solution with unparalleled functional depth, advanced configurations, and custom support.

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Get the most comprehensive business spend and expense management
solution, tailored to CFOs needs and their teams

Expensya fully automates your business expenditure

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Expense reports

Your travel costs are managed with total simplicity: from restaurant invitations, airline tickets, and hotel reservations to Uber bookings and everything in between.

Frais généraux
General expenses

Expensya helps you manage your company’s daily expenses: administrative costs, office management, etc.

Dépenses en ligne
Online expenses

Phone bills, regular online purchases, software licenses: Expensya helps you collect and enter your invoices.

Daily allowances

Expensya also offers dedicated features for companies that apply fixed expenditure allowances or per diems.

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Travel authorizations

Business travel includes the preparations as well as the journey – with management for travel orders and advances, Expensya has thought of everything.

Frais kilométriques
Mileage expenses

Mileage expenses are calculated automatically based on scales that are always up to date, even for bicycles.

Features designed to transform your expense management

Payment cards

Assign recurring or one-off budgets to your teams

Equip your employees with virtual or physical payment cards

Control your spending in real-time

Put a stop to unauthorized expenses

Save time and enjoy a more efficient spend management process

Automated expense management

Create your expenses automatically in the blink of an eye and avoid manual data entry

Calculate your mileage expenses automatically

Simplify management of daily expenses

Put an end to physical archiving by archiving your scanned receipts electronically with legal value

Smart validation and control

Automate the validation of your teams’ expenses

Set up custom validation flows based on your company’s processes

Add rules to your expense to automate compliance with your company’s expense policy

Take advantage of advanced accounting management and simplify the internal allocation of expenses

Business Intelligence

Retrieve accurate data using OCR+ smart recognition technology

Visualize your data with interactive dashboards

Take advantage of advanced BI reports to monitor your company’s spending

Optimize decision-making by ensuring your data is reliable

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Our customers talks about Expensya

Our solution is used by over 600,000 users. Customer satisfaction and the quality of our service are fundamental priorities for us.

“An incredible amount of time saved in the entry of costs - great feedback from our teams who feel liberated from the tedious task of cost entry on Excel. It’s also great for traceability, archiving, and analytics. ”

Jerome Coquelet CEO - ISPIRA

“The Expensya solution is both multilingual and intuitive, and adapts to Rimowa’s specific needs, meeting our employee’s expectations on a daily basis!”

Jasmin Merz Sales Coordinator and Travel Management Officer - Rimowa

“There was an immediate understanding of our issues, which gave us the opportunity to design the project with clearheadedness. Expensya’s precision and professionalism helped us find solutions to all our requests.”

Jean-Marc Collot Responsible for rolling out the Expensya solution - Crédit Agricole

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