Say goodbye to compliance concerns.

Automate your spend policy by configuring expense rules, reimbursement limits and alerts in the event of non-compliance.

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More accuracy with validation workflows.

Monitor, control, and validate employee expenses and advances incurred in accordance with your company’s expense policy with automated validation workflows.

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Detect duplicate expenses.

Efficiently eliminate transmission errors, potential management errors, and fraud attempts. An intelligent audit system automatically alerts you as soon as a duplicate expense is detected, even between several employees.

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Optimize your travel budget.

Connect your booking tools and other travel apps to Expensya for booking, paying, and managing business travel expenses. Configure multiple levels of expense validations and maintain control of advance requests within defined budgets.

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Validate expenses by project.

Employees working on several projects can assign each expense to a corresponding project. Each expense report is then divided and sent to every project validator. Validators can switch to a calendar view to identify expense anomalies more easily and automatically manage the verification and validation of the expenses incurred.

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Get answers when you need them.

Load your travel and expense policy into the Expensya chatbot, so you can give users instant, in-the-moment 24/7 support covering everything from system questions to policy clarification – so they’re never left guessing.

Work with your team.

Easily connect with coworkers on budgets and expenses via Expensya’s Microsoft Teams embedded application.
Create and approve expenses directly from within Teams.


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Insider secrets: how to master business travel expenses.

Business travel demands thorough planning, clear communication and smart spending. Master the art of preparation and expense control with our guide: Master Business Travel Expenses: Your Ultimate Guide.

Focus on budgeting before travel, refine policies, and use tech tools for easy expense tracking. Learn about tax benefits, empower your team with savvy travel tips, boost financial efficiency and much more.

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