Measuring the true costs of inefficient expense reports

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Measuring true cost of expense management"Waste of time"

Like most professionals, these are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of expense reports. But it's impossible to escape the management of expense reports, at the risk of employees not being reimbursed, the company facing huge accounting problems and, even worse, being severely audited!

And unfortunately, the management of expense reports has a cost for the company, which is often too great, due to clumsy management, inefficient control, poorly adapted tools and a lack of visibility on the costs that this generates.

Within such a comprehensive process involving numerous individuals, the types of expenses vary: from easily quantifiable direct costs to, notably, significant indirect costs, often overlooked by many companies.

In this eBook, we will detail the different costs that a "traditional" expense report management generates, explaining how to better understand and calculate these costs, and presenting the alternatives that allow them to be significantly reduced, saving money (and time) for the business.

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