Business Travel: Prepare today for a smoother tomorrow

Since 2020, employees have slowly been hitting the roadways and airport terminals as they get back into travel. But how much of their travel patterns and strategies have changed since the pandemic? And what do companies need to do to both accommodate their employees' new needs for travel and optimize their own processes to handle the operational impact of those changes?

Download this white paper, "Business Travel: Act Today to Better Prepare for Tomorrow," co-authored by Expensya and Egencia, a leader in corporate travel management, to dive into the current and future state of business travel.

In this white paper, you'll gain insights on:

  • The impact of the pandemic on business travel: We'll explore how COVID-19 has reshaped travel habits and expectations.
  • Emerging trends in business travel: Discover what's driving the future of corporate travel, including the rise of duty-of-care solutions, remote work integration, and the increasing focus on sustainability.
  • Key challenges and solutions: Learn how to navigate the current and future challenges of business travel, including employee well-being, travel risk management, and streamlining expense reporting and reimbursements.
  • Adapting your travel program for success: Discover actionable strategies to prepare your employees for travel in the new normal, revise your operations for efficiency, and optimize your expense management processes.

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