GBTA + VDR Europe Conference 2023: main highlights on our participation

From November 14th to 16th, 2023, we had the pleasure of participating in the GBTA + VDR Europe 2023 event held in Hamburg, Germany. This event, dedicated to the world of business travel, was a unique opportunity for us to present our expense management tool, Expensya.

A booth dedicated to Expensya

We had the opportunity to have a booth dedicated to Expensya at this event. This allowed us to present our innovative solution to an international audience and interact with individuals interested in our solution. These encounters provided an opportunity to discuss the specific challenges companies face in terms of expense management and demonstrate how Expensya can help them overcome these challenges.

Enriching one-on-one meetings

Beyond our booth, we organized several one-on-one meetings with individuals interested in our solution. These meetings allowed us to delve deeper into discussions and answer specific questions from participants. We were thus able to better understand their needs and show them how Expensya can help optimize their expense management. 

Our on-site team was able to interact with participants, meet our clients and partners, and discuss the latest trends in the market. 

Participation in business travel conferences

In addition to our presence at the booth, the Expensya team had the opportunity to participate in various conference sessions on the world of business travel. These conferences were an opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in the sector and exchange with other professionals about the challenges and opportunities in the market. We look forward to seeing you at the next edition! 

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