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Expensya to be integrated into the Uber App

Expensya today announced an integration into Uber. This integration will further simplify everyday business trips by meeting the business traveler’s requirements from beginning to end, from booking a car on the Uber app to accounting integration. With over 4,000 corporate clients in France, this integrations allows Expensya to further reinforce its added value for its existing clients as well as a simple and reliable experience for professional users of the Uber app, which a study published by Expensya in June 2018 (FR) revealed to be number 1 in France for transportation in the ridesharing and taxi category.

Comprehensive business trip management

Uber riders will be able to transfer their receipts to Expensya, directly from the Uber app. This integration will provide a seamless experience for business travelers and travel managers alike.  For Expensya and its CEO, Karim Jouini, this comprehensive experience is the vision of what business travel should be like: “We are very proud to partner with Uber and continue our integration strategy with major stakeholders throughout the business trip. We currently already process up to 200 expense reports per second, and this partnership, as well as many others that we will announce in the coming months, is indicative of an even faster increase of this number!”

In its vision of business travel, Expensya is in charge of automating all flows of management and accounting processes so that the business travelers can focus on their work. With this in mind, Expensya aspires to quickly become the central hub for business travel: organization, booking, payment, accounting, and data analysis, with artificial intelligence at the center of Expensya’s data management and processing technology.

Expensya: already 10 million euros in expenses per week

Founded in 2014 by Karim Jouini and Jihed Othmani, Expensya is a smart web and mobile solution that helps professionals more efficiently manage their expense reports and addresses the issue of mobility and automation of expenses. Expensya has about sixty employees between its offices in Paris and Tunis and is planning to open a location in Spain.

Using powerful machine learning algorithms, the Expensya app integrates digitization, archiving, and smart processing technologies, which automatically captures expenses, among other data, in 1 second. Expenses are added by taking a photo, processing an email, importing a PDF, or automatic retrieval from dozens of online vendors, and Expensya then simplifies all the necessary processing: capture, validation flow, verification of expenditure policy, analytical assignments, fraud detection, calculation of recoverable VAT, integration with accounting software, digital archiving that serves as legal proof, and BI data analysis.

The solution currently processes over 10 million euros in expense reports per week, with expenses added from a hundred countries. Available in 8 languages and adapted to the specifications of various target markets, Expensya is positioned as a leader of growth in Europe.

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