Expensya’s updates [May 2020]

After several weeks of lockdown in most countries around the world, the majority are gradually starting to lift lockdown, cautiously venturing out into the open air.

Even though our teams are in lockdown and working from home, Expensya continues to deploy new features for its users. Now, following the announcement of the lockdown being lifted in France on 11 May, we are getting ready to gradually return to the office.

The French government has announced instructions to be followed during this period: mandatory masks, social distancing, regular disinfection of premises, and also the possibility to travel freely up to 100 km from home without requiring a certificate.

Expensya is, therefore, going to take all the necessary measures to guarantee a safe return to work, putting in place all the systems needed to restart office activities in the best possible working conditions.

Expensya continues to grow!

We are honored to announce our new partnership with the Spanish Travel Management association: AEGVE. This partnership confirms our status as a pioneering solution in travel management which has attracted Spanish users and succeeded in becoming an international player.

Our solution now has 300,000 active users, and this has only been possible thanks to you, because you use Expensya every day, you recommend our solution, and you never hesitate to give our teams your ideas for improvements!

And as usual, we let you discover the top new features of our latest update!

New features:

Improved user experience when creating and sending a report:

To enhance the user experience, it is now possible to send created expenses for validation in a single click from the web. To create the report and send it automatically, just select the expenses, click on the “Actions” button and then on “Send for validation”.

Customization of mileage rates:

Some users may have specific mileage expense rates, and so you need to customize them. This is now possible. This new feature enables administrators to independently customize mileage rates for each user from the web interface.

Approve or reject an expense from the expenses form and mileage expenses:

Administrators and accountants often need to consult the details of an expense to check if the employee has filled in all the fields properly. This new feature enables them to check the details of an expense, and approve or reject it within the same interface.

Expenses displayed in the user currency:

When an employee enters an expense in a currency different from the company’s currency, Expensya now shows validators the expense amount in both the user’s local currency and the company’s official currency. The conversion is only visible to the validators, when they approve expense reports from the mobile application’s “Manager” interface.

An icon is displayed on reports containing an alert, exception or duplicate:

In order to further optimize the expense report validation process, Expensya now displays an icon in the list of reports to indicate validators which expenses contain an alert, exception or duplicate.

That’s it for this month! Discover and test more new features by subscribing for free to our Expensya software!

A question ? A suggestion ? Our team remains at your disposal for any further information. Do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via our live chat.

Stay tuned to discover our next new updates!


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