Expensya’s Updates [June 2021]

At Expensya, our customers’ needs and requests come first!

We want the user experience with Expensya to be unique, that’s why we never stop innovating for you

Our teams are constantly working to offer you the best user experience possible. New features are waiting for you to simplify your usage and optimize your daily life!

This new update guarantees you a more intuitive, innovative and efficient solution that will allow you to process your business expenses, analyze your expenses or manage your travel policy, with ease!

New Features at Expensya

Meeting the needs and satisfaction of our customers is the cornerstone of our mission. That’s why we never stop innovating and developing new features that you request from us or that we believe are necessary for a better user experience.

Improved password management for users

For some employees, email addresses are only used to access Expensya (they are not linked to an email account). These employees do not have a way to change their passwords. This new feature will allow the super administrator to generate a new temporary password for the employees of his organization.

Note: This feature is accessible via the website

Support of PDF format on mobile applications

Our users could not attach PDF files from their Expensya apps on their mobiles.  This is a thing of the past. This new feature will allow users to attach or scan a PDF file directly from their mobile device.

Note: This feature is accessible via the mobile app

Quantity per category

This new feature provides advanced settings for more flexibility in managing business expenses. The latter can be set up from each category. This information can therefore be centralised.

Note: This feature is configurable from the Web 

Adding an attachment to a virtual card request

To support a virtual card request, employees can now attach a file to the card request form on the web and mobile platforms

Note: This feature is configurable from the Web and Mobile 

Let the adventure begin! Enjoy Expensya‘s new and upcoming features.

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