Expensya’s Updates [AUGUST 2021]

While everyone is off having a blast on their vacation this summer, Expensya team has cooked up a tempting menu for you with new product updates to make the rest of 2021 count!

This August, we’ve put together some features thoughtfully developed just to help you better manage your expenses.

Thanks to this new update, all the stakeholders involved in the management of these expenses within your company will have access to new settings, totally adapted to their needs: a more secure security policy, a customized configuration set-up but not only that… Expensya now has a new ally!

Let the new experience begin!

New integration Expensya x TravelPerk

To enhance your business travel experience, Expensya now offers native integration with TravelPerk!

With Expensya & TravelPerk native integration, get rid of the stress of managing business travel expenses. Take advantage of an on-the-fly management tailored to your teams’ needs. The entire experience is simplified with real-time synchronization of all your business travel expenses.

New features:

Improved authentication system for users

We have strengthened the password security policy to ensure that employees create strong passwords, do not reuse them, and change them periodically. In fact, from the security settings, you will be able to define the expiration of users’ passwords and block the reuse of old passwords.

Note: This feature is configurable from the Web and Mobile

Create and configure custom fields on external and internal contacts

Some of our customers have legal obligations with the anti-gift law, there are several fields to fill in on the contact form in Expensya. Some fields are used as a reference for a specific invitation export. This feature will allow Expensya account administrators to have the ability to create and configure custom fields on the “external” and “internal” contact forms.

Note: Upon request to Customer Support by the Administrator

Tag configuration by role

Today only administrators and accountants are allowed to use tags, which makes the use of this feature limited. On the one hand, the employee does not have the possibility to follow the tags used for the expenses he has sent, and on the other hand, the validator cannot use this functionality as well. This evolution will allow configuring roles for the tags. It is now possible to indicate who will be able to use the tags and who will have access to the tags only in read-only mode.

Note: This feature is configurable from the Web and Mobile

Let the adventure begin! Enjoy Expensya‘s new and upcoming features.

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