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Expensya reinvents expense management and reasserts its values

To support its clients in their business expense management transformation, Expensya is developing its offer and reevaluating its positioning to provide an all-encompassing solution for its users. 

The solution that has brought expense management to a whole new level is marking its sixth year of operation by strengthening its positioning and providing complete management of all running expenses within a company. Today, Expensya users can manage and process any type of expense: online purchases, general costs, expense reports, remote work, Per Diems, mileage expenses, and more. Thanks to its across-the-board features and expertise, Expensya currently provides a comprehensive solution to its users, for flawless end-to-end management of all expenses. This dynamic is echoed in the company’s vision, marking a new step in its development, and reaffirming its strong reputation and technological expertise at the service of its clients.

Guiding companies in their expense management revolution

As a leading player in the business expense management market, Expensya saw a 100% growth – despite the pandemic, and is announcing a new strategic positioning that opens the gates for general expense management within companies. With more than six years of experience, Expensya rightfully anticipated this opportunity to develop its approach to the automation market of management processes, in order to best meet the requirements of its users.

Today, Expensya has reinvented itself to revolutionize business expense management and to reassert its values: technological innovation, proximity, and agility. With a renewed organization, this strategic transformation aims at providing an ever-more innovative solution. Expensya intends to establish itself beyond expense report management and strives to position itself, above all, as an innovative and comprehensive business spend management solution – a natural evolution for the company, which further strengthens its technological scope and dynamics.

“Although this is quite a big change, we have not wavered from our main position. The new strategic orientations that we have set up are a testimony of Expensya’s steady growth since its creation in 2014. Over the last months, we have concentrated our efforts on the development of a new brand image that would accurately depict who we are and symbolize our ambition. Sticking to the goal we had set for ourselves, this transformation reflects the company’s large growth, its agility and its capacity to be ever-evolving, with all of its users at the very heart.” – relates Karim Jouini, Expensya CEO and Co-Founder.

A payment card solution for all employees  

To support the accelerating need to modernize and to digitize financial processes within companies, Expensya is making its virtual payment module available to all users. This module, which was previously available for a few clients only, will soon be open to all Expensya users. Combined with an intuitive app, we are offering a new way to put an end to inefficient business spend management.

Expensya is evolving, and so is our offer. We strive daily to best meet our clients’ needs. As it stands, we are accelerating our transformation with the rollout of our virtual payment cards in order to further simplify our clients’ processes. This novel feature reflects Expensya’s new identity and reasserts its ambitions.” – states Karim Jouini, Expensya CEO and Co-Founder.

This evolution is the promise of an all-in-one solution and of high-quality technological and functional support, combining “pure player” expertise and modern payment solutions to provide an unparalleled user experience.

A new visual identity to go with our transformation 

Expensya’s new visual identity is the result of a detailed strategic process and is built around its strategic ambitions.

With its modern look, the new logo was designed to adapt to all types of visual formats. It reflects the company’s capacity to adapt to a constantly evolving technological world, conveying mastery of the latest innovations through comprehensive business spend management, and an ever-more integrated automation solution.

“To best meet the current market dynamic and our users’ needs, we have decided to integrate these changes to our new visual identity. Today, I am proud to unveil a modern brand and visual identity that embodies Expensya’s mission: to be an all-encompassing business expense solution – from business trips, to remote work to everyday mobility, no matter if you use expense reimbursements or one of our payment methods.” – explains Karim Jouini, Expensya CEO and Co-Founder.

Within this context, Expensya launches an entirely overhauled website, providing an optimized user experience thanks to its decidedly modern design. We are dedicated to developing our website to foster greater proximity with our clients. Intuitive, streamlined, and dynamic, the new website reasserts Expensya’s fundamental values and creates a home for its users.

This new visual identity will progressively be rolled out to cover all of Expensya’s tools, communication platforms, and website: The new design will officially be rolled out on mobile platforms immediately afterward.

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