Managing expenses in the remote working era

The global pandemic of 2020 put the shift towards remote work into hyperdrive, making it possible for employees to be able to do much of their work from their home offices. While this eased the strain on the employees from a commuting and health management perspective, it has prompted a new approach to how businesses manage their employees’ spending and how they are reimbursed.

Adapting to a centralized expense management automation software and implementing smart spending policies makes it easy to adapt and empower your employees to purchase and spend within pre-set terms and with secure payment methods. Remote working environments are here to stay. Stop scrambling and start optimizing your expense management by downloading this step by step guide.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Effortlessly adapt your spending policy: Streamline your policy for remote work scenarios and ensure clear guidelines for your team.
  • Embrace digital expense management: Simplify expense tracking for your employees and gain real-time visibility into spending.
  • Leverage dematerialized payment methods: Empower your team with secure and convenient payment options for remote purchases.

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