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Between 1 and 9 licences
More Than 100 licences
1 licence
+100 licences
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per user per month (billed annually)

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  • Unlimited OCR+ Recognition
  • Archiving with legal value Spain
  • Management of kilometric allowances
  • Multi-level validation workflow
  • Export PDF and Excel

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+All Silver features


per user per month (billed annually)

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  • Integrations with several accounting, banking and payroll tools
  • Archiving with legal value France and Spain
  • Illimited E-bills
  • Automatic validation based on invoices policies
  • Advance management

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+All Gold features

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  • Full integration with your existing infrastructure
  • Customizable export
  • Training and assistance
  • Advanced BI Dashboard
  • Single Sign-On with coporate identity

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** The GOLD offer is not available for free trial but you can subscribe online by creating a free trial account

Indeed, exporting the data from Expensya allows us to easily integrate this information into our software, avoiding duplicate data entry. So we have more time to spend on tasks with higher added value!

Romain Tétillon
Romain Tétillon

Expensya manages my expense reports simply from my pocket and saves me hours. We are now saving 5 to 10% on professional expenses

Sophie Anselin
Sophie Anselin
Director of Information Systems

We set up a paperless process on the countries where there is legal archiving. The process will get more and more agile when other countries switch to legal archiving. It would be awesome once there will be no papers in all other subsidiaries

Thomas Pruneyrac
Thomas Pruneyrac
General Manager Travel and Expense

Frequently asked questions

Where are your servers? What level of security for my data?

Our servers are in Europe, in compliance with the regulations in force, as well as ISO 27001 and several other international standards. More information here.

Are your pricing decreasing depending on users count?

Yes, our prices are decreasing with the increase in the number of users. Contact Us to know more!

Can I try Expensya for free?

By creating an Expensya account, you will get 30 free trial days. Do you have more than 100 employees and want to launch a life-size test? Contact us!

Does the trial version allow me to access all Expensya features?

The trial version allows you to enjoy all the services offered by Expensya and invite as many users as you want, without commitment or credit card

How can my company employees access Expensya?

You can easily invite employees in your organization to use Expensya from the administration tab on the web application. They will receive an email allowing them to access the platform.

Can I invite my accountant to use my Expensya account?

You can easily add your accountant to have direct access to your expense reports. You can also put us in touch with him so that we make his life easier.

Is the application native? Can it do everything?

Yes, our App is native, works offline, and allows both the collaborator AND the validator to work in complete mobility.

In which countries can I use Expensya?

Expensya is accessible wherever you are in the world, and can convert more than 200 currencies. Contact Us to know more!

Do you have large account customers?

Yes, we have all sizes of companies using Expensya, from 1 to 22,000 employees. Contact Us to know more!

How can i recover my data at the end of the engagement period?

You collect your data on request to our customer support for 90 days after the end of your contract.

What happens to my account at the end of the trial period?

You account remains available in a read-only mode: you can view your data, export or subscribe at any time within 90 days.

Do you have an API for integration into other systems?

Yes, we have a complete Rest API (contact us for more information!) as well as simple bridges to the majority of software on the market.

Do you have a travel module?

We are fans of open-booking, but we also know how to integrate with major players in the booking market. Contact our sales team for more details.

Why should I choose Expensya?

Trial is free and without commitment: try Expensya and you will understand why 😉