Salons Solutions 2023: a retrospective of our participation

On October 3rd and 4th, 2023, we were privileged to be part of the Salons Solutions event, a significant gathering that offered numerous insightful experiences. Expensya had a prominent presence with a dedicated booth, effectively showcasing our cutting-edge solution. This event served as an excellent way to demonstrate how our tool seamlessly integrates into and supports the daily operations of finance departments.

Participation in the round table at Salons Solutions

One of the highlights of our participation was the presence of our Product Manager, Kamila Gimadullina, as a speaker at a round table. She was able to address current and crucial topics for the sector, namely:

  1. "Strengthening dematerialization and automation in 2024: new challenges, new issues" – Kamila highlighted how AI revolutionizes expense management in 2024 by simplifying processes, reducing costs, and optimizing budgets. She emphasized how digital transformation and automation allow companies to maximize their efficiency in expense management, reduce manual tasks, and make informed decisions.

  2. "Artificial intelligence, a lever for optimizing your dematerialization projects: how to take advantage of the new potential of AI?" – Kamila explained how AI can optimize the management of dematerialized expenses by improving efficiency, accelerating processes, and helping to make more informed decisions. She pointed out that thanks to this advanced technology, dematerialized projects can achieve better results, increase productivity, reduce errors, and strengthen the overall performance of the company.

  3. "Intelligent capture and processing of documents: what solutions and innovations?" – Kamila highlighted how intelligent document capture and processing solutions simplify expense management by offering concrete benefits such as significant cost savings, error reduction, and faster reimbursement cycles.

In summary, our participation in Salons Solutions was an enriching experience, allowing us to share our expertise, strengthen our ties with our partners and clients, and highlight our innovative solution, Expensya.

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