Recap on Expensya's participation in the Accounting Summit 2023

On September 19, 2023, Berlin pulsed to the rhythm of the Accounting Summit, a must-attend event for accounting professionals. As a committed player in this sector, Expensya had a significant presence. Discover the highlights of our participation in this international event. 

A glimpse into Expensya's participation 

At the Accounting Summit, we had the unique opportunity to not only host a booth but also to pitch our innovative solutions. This event was a golden opportunity for us to highlight Expensya, our expense management tool that is significantly reshaping the everyday business operations. 

Our dedicated team was on-site, ready to interact with industry professionals. Each encounter was a chance to exchange, understand the specific needs of each interlocutor, and show how Expensya can meet them. It was also an opportunity to share our ideas, our vision, and our passion for innovation in the field of accounting. 

The Accounting Summit offered a series of conferences, providing a wealth of information and perspectives on the future of the accounting sector. We attended these enriching sessions, seizing the opportunity to gain new knowledge and understand the challenges and opportunities of the sector. 

Meetings with our partners and clients

The Accounting Summit was also an opportunity to meet our clients and partners. These interactions allowed us to strengthen our relationships, understand their needs and expectations more deeply, and gather valuable feedback to continuously improve our solution. 

Participating in the 2023 Accounting Summit was a valuable experience for Expensya. A big thank you to all those who visited our booth and exchanged with our team. We look forward to seeing you at the next edition!

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