Self-managed expenses

Automate your business spend management

Say goodbye to manual data entry: digitize and simplify all the expenses incurred by you and your employees by automating the expense reports management process.

Over 5,000 customers put their trust in us: corporations, mid-caps, SMEs, and freelancers. Expensya deploys relevant solutions for companies of all sizes in all sectors.

Dépenses numérisées

Digital expenses

Take the leap towards digitizing your company expenses

Gagnez du temps

Save time

Thanks to automation, save time and gain more productivity

Automatisation des processus

Process automation

Automate your expense reports management processes

ISo_Technologie OCR+ auto-apprenante

Self-learning OCR+ technology 

Reinvent the management of your business expenses and completely eliminate manual entry of expenses thanks to our self-learning scan technology.

Expensya's OCR+ technology extracts all the essential information from your invoices in just a few seconds - it does all the data entry for you in most languages. 


Automated expense management 

Simplify processing and expense reports management and reduce entry errors. Expensya is both fast and intuitive. It provides you with a seamless experience managing your business expenses.

No more manual processing of expenses, nor overly long reimbursement delays. 

ISo_Gestion des dépenses automatisées
ISo_Traitement des e-mails instantané

Instantly processed emails 

No more wasted time entering invoice data from emails.

Transfer them to Expensya and your invoices will automatically be entered and added to your account: 0-effort processing of your emails, whether the invoice is in the body of the email or attached.   

Innovative Per Diems management

Want to benefit from a daily allowance and deduct meal or transportation expenses but you find the process too complex? It has never been easier to ask for them.

Expensya’s integrated Per Diem module does all the heavy lifting. Calculation and management are automated.              


ISo_Gestion des per diem avancée

Expense automation - a real time-saver for companies


“Our employees now send their expense reports once a week instead of once a month, as was previously the case. We have noticed an improvement in submission frequency.”

Véronique BoulardAdministration and Finance Director, Inspearit

“Declaring business expenses is now easier. Invoice scanning is done in just a few seconds and expense reports are directly sent to the right people.”

Gabriele CobelliEmployee, CinemaNext

“In terms of time, we save 80% on initial entry, 100% on accounting entry, and 75% on payment receipt archiving.”

Julien ChambertPresident of CBT Conseil