Secure and certified dematerialization

Digitize your expenses in complete security

Switch to an entirely paperless process that responds perfectly to security and compliance issues. Archive your data on a certified server recognized by your country’s legislation.

Dématérialisation sécuriséeHero

Over 5,000 customers put their trust in us: multinationals, major accounts, mid-caps, SMEs, and micro-enterprises Expensya deploys relevant solutions for companies of all sizes in all sectors.


Cloud archiving

Store your digital payment receipts according to legislative standards


Paperless expenses

Benefit from an entirely dematerialized and paperless process


International archiving

Legally archive your expenses no matter where you are

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Shift to an entirely paperless expense management process 

Thanks to cloud archiving, digital invoices and receipts have legal value and are valid for tax authority audits. In accordance with the set regulations, legal archiving allows you to save on storage costs of paper invoices and simplify your expense report management processes. 

Keep your data safe and secure 

Store your data in a completely secure manner and enjoy unlimited storage for the duration of your subscription in a certified server. 

ISo_Conservez vos données en toute sécurité
ISo_Archivage disponible dans plusieurs pays

International legal archiving 

Benefit from cloud archiving no matter where you are in the world and say goodbye to paperwork. Expensya adapts to the legal framework of the countries in which you are located and offers certified storage that complies with the legislation of multiple countries.  

Digital accounting - a real time-saver for fast-paced teams


“We have transitioned to a zero-paper process. By eliminating physical archiving, we no longer need to keep payment receipts!”

Alexia ZervosOffice Manager, Delville Management

“All expense report payment receipts are stored on the Cloud with a single click. We no longer need to mail-in all our payment receipts to our head office. In the past, we had to wait for all documents to arrive to our head office before being able to initiate the reimbursement process.”

Sophie AnselinIS Project Manager, Rouge Gorge

“We chose Expensya after being drawn by the demo carried out by their team, particularly for their document scan technology, which blew us away.”

Damien BonhommeProject Director, idverde

Physical archiving is a thing of the past!

No more wasted time thanks to the dematerialization of accounting and cloud archiving!