Intelligent validation and management

Take control over company spend with automated and agile validation workflows

Monitor, control, and validate expenses incurred in accordance with your company’s expense policy.

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Politique de dépenses automatisée

Automated expense policy

Automate the application of your company’s spending policy

Dépenses approuvées en fluidité -1

Seamless approval

Simplify all expense validation steps

Suivi des données en temps réel

Real-time data tracking

View and manage your expense reports and accounting in real time


Automated approval workflows 

Gain more visibility over your expenses and advance requests, thanks to a simplified and automated validation process.  

Configure multiple levels of expense validations and maintain precise control over company spending and of advance requests within defined budgets. 

Compliance management and control adapted to your company policies 

Automate the application of your spending policy by configuring expense rules, reimbursement limits and alerts in the event of non-compliance with the set policy.   

ISo_Contrôle de conformité adapté à l’entreprise
ISo_Gestion des forfaits simplifiée

Simplified planned expense management

Validation workflowalso apply to the documents required for planning a business trip.

Per Diems and daily allowances are easily managed with the configuration of flat rate rules. 

Validation by calendar and by project   

Employees working on several projects can assign each expense to a corresponding project: their expense reports are then divided and sent to each project validator.

Validators can switch to the calendar view to identify expense anomalies more easily and automatically manage the verification and validation of the expenses incurred. 

ISo_Validation calendaire et par projets
ISo_Détection des dépenses dupliquées

Detection of duplicate expenses

Efficiently eliminate transmission errors, potential management errors and fraud attempts.

An intelligent audit system automatically alerts you as soon as a duplicate expense is detected, even between several employees. 

Improved control over company expenses and automated validation processes


“Our staff's expense reports sometimes amount to thousands of euros, so checking all the receipts was very long and cumbersome. Now everything is much simpler. We see a substantial time saving in the expense report checking process.”

Alexia ZervosOffice Manager, Delville Management

“There’s no need for a user manual. The solution is simple to run, facilitating the management and use of the tool.”

Hervé PeyronnetAdministration and Finance Director, Marle group

“It’s amazing to have all business expense data at hand and centralized on a single tool.”

Damien LopezProject manager, Coopaname

Regain control over your company spend!

Automate expense validation processes and increase employee productivity