Payment cards

Company payment cards tailored to your teams’ requirements

Empower your employees with virtual and physical company cards. Enjoy real-time control with pre-approved budgets and customised spend limits.

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Smart Spend Expensya

Enter the Smart Spend era

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Smart Spend

Give autonomy to your employees, while controlling your budget in real time. Your bank account is secure, and your spend policy adhered to. Save time on your accounting processes and reduce the risk of errors!


Stay in control

Define team budgets. Define payment limits, days, and hours of use as well as the types of expenses authorised for each card and adjust them instantly. No euro is spent without prior approval.


Real-time monitoring

Create payment cards connected to your spend management platform and get a real-time view of your cash flow and the evolution of each individual budget. No more unpleasant surprises when it comes to reconciling your bank accounts.

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Increase productivity

Automatically reconcile transactions with customised integrations and find payment receipts stored in your all-in-one platform. Your time is precious, let us help you make the most of it: save 2 days per month in accounts payable.

Définissez vos budgets

Define your budgets and assign them to your teams 

Generate as many recurring or one-off budgets as you like and facilitate the purchasing process for your employees. You can adjust them over time, as needed. 

You may also receive budget requests for approval. Expenses paid for using payment cards are only authorised if they adhere to the budget defined upstream. You stay in control throughout the process.  

Generate employee payment cards in complete confidence 

No more business expense advances by your employees, company cards being passed from one person to another, or tedious expense claim reimbursements.  

Trust your teams by giving them virtual or physical direct debit Mastercards. You set transaction limits and stay in control of any expenses incurred thanks to pre-approved budgets.  

Générez des cartes de paiement
Simplify and secure your payments with virtual cards

Simplify and secure your payments with virtual cards 

Create virtual cards in seconds and set individual payment limits for each one. Your employees can use them straight away. Online spending becomes simple and fast, while remaining secure: it respects any pre-defined rules and does not exceed authorised budgets.  

In the event of suspicious activity or attempted fraud, you can deactivate payment cards in just one click Your business bank account is 100% protected.  

Order physical cards for regular trips  

Do some employees need a payment card for their business trips? Order and set up a physical card directly in your Expensya application. 

Physical Mastercards are connected to your professional expense management application: only transactions corresponding to the defined criteria are authorised, within the limit of the available budget. Your employees simply need to take a photo of their payment receipt.

Commandez des cartes physiques pour les déplacements
Suivez en temps-réel les dépenses de chaque employé

Track and adjust authorised spend in real time 

Don't worry: you can always change payment card limits, as well as budgets, on the go to give your employees more flexibility.  

You receive specific budget requests. If you approve them, the allocated budget changes instantly.  

Choose an all-in-one payment solution


“We were already customers of Expensya, using their expense reporting tool. We are planning to equip our employees with virtual cards for marketing purchases and physical cards for regular travel. It was a need expressed internally. We chose Expensya for its flexible and secure offer. We also wanted to benefit from its all-in-one platform which provides us with a solution to monitor global, real-time expenses.”

Marc Lemarchand
Marc LemarchandAdministrative and Financial Director France, Domino’s Pizza