Automated accounting

Automate your accounting management

Reduce time spent on accounting management and eliminate manual entries. Automate data entry, invoice collection and bank reconciliation.

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Over 5,000 customers put their trust in us: Corporations, mid-caps, SMEs and freelancers. Expensya deploys relevant solutions for companies of all sizes in all sectors.

Saisie comptable automatisée

Automated accounting entry

Automatically generate accounting entries and avoid duplicates

Dépenses approuvées en fluidité

Seamlessly approved expenses

Approved expenses are automatically submitted to accounting for final validation

Comptabilité analytique et gestion par axes analytiques

Cost accounting and management by analytical axes

Manage accounting allocations and set up analytical axes by project, user group or organization type

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Advanced accounting

Define VAT recovery rates for each of your expense categories to simplify the processing of VATs and to easily access this data.

Expensya automatically detects most taxes, such as tourist taxes, and allows users to specify different types of taxes. With Expensya, you can even manage tips! 

Cost accounting 

Easily manage account allocations and integrate Expensya with your project manager: managing allocations and re-invoicing is now a breeze.

Reach an extreme level of precision in the analytical management of your expenses: set up analytical axes by project, user group, or by type of organization (entity, subsidiary, department, service).   

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ISo_Ordre de virement SEPA

SEPA transfer order 

Automatically manage reimbursements, Expensya allows you to generate a standardized file to send transfer orders to your bank and to make reimbursements to your teams that comply with SEPA standards. 

Management of travel authorizations

Mission orders are easily created, instantly shared, and seamlessly linked to expenses. Subject to a hierarchical validation workflow, the validation of mission orders is both simple and efficient, guaranteeing transparency and fluidity of the process. 

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Automated management for your accounting: zero effort required


“A huge amount of time saved on expense report accounting. No more misplaced payment receipts, or receipts that fade over time.”

Nicolas SteinAdministration and Finance Director, ACRA

“We used to manually process even the smallest VATs on restaurant bills. This process turned out to be more expensive than what it brought in. Now, everything is automated and calculating VAT is a breeze - it’s perfect!”

Philippe MeletIS Director, Comerso

“The time spent on accounting processing has been reduced by approximately 70 to 80%.”

Thomas PruneyracGlobal Director Travel Expense, OVHCloud

Take advantage of automated accounting!

Automate your accounting and benefit from an extensive accounting management process.