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Take back control over your expense management processes with an agile, automated business expense management solution.
Simplify your business expense management, centralize your teams’ spending and monitor your company’s finances in real time. Regardless of your industry and business size, you can take advantage of all our features, save time, and increase your teams’ productivity.


Over 5,000 customers put their trust in us: corporations, mid-caps, SMEs and free-lancers. Expensya deploys relevant solutions for companies of all sizes in all sectors.


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Web et Mobile

Web et Mobile



100% Intégrée

100% integrated

Dematerialization of expenses and automation of accounting processes

Self-managed expenses

Automate your expense entry and save time

Automate your expense entry  and improve your productivity and that of your colleagues significantlySay goodbye to manual invoice processing and expense entry errors thanks to innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

  • Self-learning OCR+ technology 
  • Automated expense management 
  • Instant email processing 
  • Advanced management of per diems 

Secure automated expense management

Streamline your expense management processes 

Saving time and space – life is so much simpler without paperwork!  Say goodbye to piles of invoices, lost receipts, and all the risks associated with physical archiving. Cloud archiving: your best business ally for dematerliazed processes. 

  • Cloud archiving 
  • Secure archived data  
  • Archiving tailored to the regulations in multiple countries 
  • Payment receipt conservation according to legal standards 

Advanced mobility

Manage your business expenses wherever and whenever you want 

A true ally for your mobile staff, the Expensya mobile app is designed to support you and help you manage your business expenses effeciently in the currency of your choice, with mileage expenses organized according to a scale that suits you. Take advantage of our user-friendly native mobile app wherever you are.

  • User-friendly interface and unrivaled user experience 
  • Real-time synchronization with the web app 
  • Mobile validation 
  • Automatic calculation of mileage expenses 

Automated accounting

Optimize accounting processes 

Save valuable time by automating your expense accounting process. Integrate data into your accounting tool and benefit from simplified management of your expenses and those of your employees. 

  • Recoverable VAT management
  • Cost accounting 
  • SEPA transfer orders 
  • Generate travel orders  

Real-time expense control, visibility and tracking

Intelligent control and validation

Verify and validate expenses smoothly 

Configure different validation levels according to your company's policy and take advantage of automatic control of your expenses and those of your employees.  Expense reports are verified in a few clicks, from a single interface. Take advantage of an intelligent expense validation system!  

  • Automated expense validation 
  • Compliance checks tailored to your company  
  • Detection of duplicate expenses 
  • Simplified validation experience 

Enhanced payment

Generate secure virtual payment cards 

Generate secure virtual payment cards in a few clicks, configure them to suit your needs and apply spending caps in line with your company's expense policy. Keep control over your teams' spend and track payments in real time.  

  • Secure virtual cards  
  • Cards connected to the company's bank account 
  • Transaction tracking and control  
  • Card activation and deactivation at any time

Business intelligence

Manage your business spend effectively

Maintain real-time control over your business expenses for better visibility and control of the company's overall spend. All your expenses are consolidated and centralized in interactive dashboards so that you can manage your expense reports effectively. 

  • Advanced BI reports and Microsoft Power BI Inside 
  • Real-time monitoring and intelligent statistics 
  • Precise control 
  • Self-learning solution

Integration into the ecosystem and continuous support

Reivented business travel

Business travel: unify your company's experience 

Do you often have to travel on business? Managing expense reports on business trips has never been so simple and convenient. Take advantage of real-time spend management, save time on controlling business travel spending and optimize the reimbursement of business expenses thanks to our integrated travel module. 

  • Intelligent international OCR+ technology 
  • Real-time centralization of data 
  • Multilingual, multi-currency management 
  • Integrated travel module 

360° integrations

Connect your data to your ecosystem 

Centralize your data and avoid duplicated data entries through simple and complete integration of your expenses with the software you use every day. Integrate your expense reports into your ecosystem automatically and optimize your processes. 

  • Automatic, personalized accounts export 
  • Full integration with your ecosystem  
  • Partner integration 
  • Bank card integration 

Expert support

Take advantage of our expert support 

Call on our team of experts for advice and support in your expense management processes. Get quick answers to your questions, and much more. 

  • Customer service available 24/7 
  • Fast access to information  
  • Management, implementation and monitoring  
  • Customer Success management 

Discover why our customers love Expensya


“Thanks to cloud archiving, we no longer need to keep invoices. This feature is much appreciated by our French teams, enabling them to eliminate paper.”

Jasmin MerzSales Coordinator and Travel Management Officer, Rimowa

“Intelligent character recognition is a powerful and effective feature. Its ability to detect data and automatically integrate it into the tool makes it easy to manage expense reports.”

Hervé PeyronnetAdministration and Finance Director, Marle group

“Managing mileage expenses further helps us improve our effectiveness and find ways to reduce our costs and align with legislation.”

Jean-Marc Collot et Fanny GiannettiJean-Marc Collot and Fanny Giannetti – responsible for rolling out the Expensya solution at Crédit Agricole

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