OVH cloud

Expensya has become the solution that provides the OVHcloud group with optimal, flexible expense report management:

  • Zero paper and 100% automated processing
  • Increased visibility of professional expenses
  • A substantial time saver for account treatment
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To automate its professional expense management process, Rimowa adopted Expensya’s smart solution, which provides:

  • Portable expense report management and a multilingual app
  • Automated validation flows and a substantial saving of time
  • Centralized data and real-time visibility of all employee expenses
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Crédit Agricole group needed a solution that could be configured to match the specificities of each entity. Expensya was able to meet this need, providing the group with:
  • A community rollout with tailored regional banking network adaptations
  • An effective control and monitoring module with a complete reporting system
  • Optimized management of professional and mileage expenses

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