Expense reports of tomorrow.

Easily manage your expense reports with Expensya and enjoy the best recognition technology on the market.

Join thousands of companies and employees who use it every day, on the five continents.

Let's automate expense reports management

Expense reports, mileage expenses and reimbursement procedures of your business expenses are a hell of a job for you and your company? Discover expense reports of tomorrow: zero paper, zero manual data entry and 100% mobile.

Whether you are a mid-sized company, an international group or an independent contractor, Expensya offers the functionalities you need

Don’t lose time anymore

Don’t lose time anymore

With Expensya, your employees will save up to 80% of the time given to the expense reports management: our OCR+ technology enters the expenses, sending and validating reports is a cinch, and the control gets automatized.

Experience more productivity

Experience more productivity

You have real time visibility on your company’s expenses incurred by projects, teams or entities: don’t lose any information and make the right decisions at the right time.

Save money

Save money

Eliminate all costs associated with this time-consuming process: easily identify your cost centers, simplify VAT recovery, and end paper archiving. Expensya offers a simple solution designed for a rapid return on investment.

Expense reports management with Expensya

Expensya is an expense management software that streamlines how to manage professional expense reports to simplify your life!

Intelligent character recognition

The OCR+ technology extracts all relevant information from your payment receipts, even level 3 data, in just one click.

Intelligent character recognition

Mobile and international

Enjoy a native and ergonomic application wherever you are: Expensya is multilingual, multicurrency, multi-company and works when you are offline.

Mobile and international

Validation and control

Set up multiple levels of validation and implement automated spending policies to meet your needs.

Validation and control
Note Android expenses
Advanced management

Advanced management

With in-depth accounting management, simplify VAT processing, easily manage your assets, cancellations, advances and tips.

Full integration

Full integration

Expensya can be integrated from end to end to your ecosystem: online merchants, ERP, booking tools, means of payment, etc...

Real-time monitoring and BI

Real-time monitoring and BI

All your professional expenses are consolidated in dashboards or Advanced BI modules, which gives your data a strategic character.

The best recognition technology on the market

Expensya automatically fills up your report, in 5 sec.

With our Fast Scan Technology, forget about manually entering your business expenses. Let our Machine Learning technology help you better manage your expense reports.

Don’t lose time anymore

Automatic data extraction

Our algorithms process your receipts to extract all the relevant data: amount, date, country, expense category and even multiple VAT !

Don’t lose time anymore

Multi-format scan

The intelligent scan of Expensya's app can process payment receipts photos as well as PDF bills.

Don’t lose time anymore

Email processing

You have received a digital invoice by email? A simple email transfer and it will be processed and archived for you in seconds.

Scan et reconnaissance intelligente des reçus

They trust us in more than 100 countries

Multinationals, large accounts, Mid caps, SME or VSE: more than 5000 Companies trust us today. Expensya bring adapted solutions to companies of all sizes and from all sectors.

Groupe BPCE
Bureau Veritas
Vinci Immobilier
Crédit Agricole
Demathieu Bard
Caisse d'epargne
Leon Grosse
Brain Cube
Inter Sport
Thales Digital Factory

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Our customers testify

Our solution is used by thousands of companies. Customer satisfaction and the quality of our service are essential.

Intelligent character recognition is a powerful and effective feature. Its ability to detect data and automatically integrate it into the tool makes it easy to manage expense reports. Since we integrated Expensya, our processing time has been halved.

Notes de frais entreprise
Hervé Peyronnet
Administrative and Finance Director, Marle group

The solution offers numerous rich features that the major expense management solutions don’t provide!

Notes de frais entreprise
Sophie Anselin
Information Systems Project Manager

Expensya saves considerable time for all users and even accountants

Notes de frais entreprise
Lionel Lascaux
Chief Financial Officer

We set up a paperless process on the countries where there is legal archiving. The process will get more and more agile when other countries switch to legal archiving. It would be awesome once there will be no papers in all other subsidiaries

Notes de frais entreprise
Thomas Pruneyrac
General Manager Travel and Expense
Notes de frais entreprise

Expensya is a new and innovative software with OCR technology that works very well. Digitisation prevents employees from mailing their expense reports and eliminates the risk of loss

Notes de frais entreprise
Mathieu Naudin
Performance Director

We saved 80% of the time on manual entry, 100% of the accounting entry and 75% of the time for archiving the documents

Notes de frais entreprise
Julien Chambert

Expensya manages my expense reports simply from my pocket and saves me hours. We are now saving 5 to 10% on professional expenses

Notes de frais entreprise
Philippe Merlet
Director of Information Systems

This is a huge plus from a performance standpoint. We really appreciate the paperless process. Thanks to legal archiving it is possible to safely keep all the supporting documents, and to have the necessary data at our fingertips in the case of tax audit

Notes de frais entreprise
Damien Lopez
Project Manager
Notes de frais entreprise

Our choice turned towards Expensya because we were impressed by the demonstration made by Expensya's team, and especially the intelligent document recognition, which amazed us.

Notes de frais entreprise
Damien Bonhomme
Project Manager
Notes de frais entreprise

Indeed, exporting the data from Expensya allows us to easily integrate this information into our software, avoiding duplicate data entry. So we have more time to spend on tasks with higher added value!

Notes de frais entreprise
Romain Tétillon

Indeed, exporting the data from Expensya allows us to easily integrate this information into our software, avoiding duplicate data entry. So we have more time to spend on tasks with higher added value!

Notes de frais entreprise
Guillaume Bizet
Consultant and Project Manager
Notes de frais entreprise

For me, Expensya is an innovative tool for expense reports automation, which goes hand in hand with the advocated responsiveness within our organization. The solution provides innovative features. From the first use, I realized that the app is agile, everything is easy to understand and super intuitive!

Notes de frais entreprise
Amélie Ravier
Communication Manager
Notes de frais entreprise

The Expensya app is available on Android and iOS!

Forget spreadsheets! Forget lost receipts! Welcome to Expensya, the new expense reports software!

Expensya offers a simple, all-in one, multi-platform expense management solution. Don’t waste your time and be one of our happy users.

Expensya is designed for all companies regardless of their size, and is available on your favorite device

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