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Expense management of tomorrow, today!

Easily manage your expense reports with Expensya and enjoy the best recognition technology on the market.

Join thousands of companies and employees who use it every day, on the five continents.

What if we make your life easier?

You hate expense reports, mileage costs, professional spending reimbursement procedures? Expensya was conceived and designed for you!

Do not waste your time

Do what you love to do and don't let your expense-management duty steal your time!

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Take the right decisions! You’ll have a real-time visibility on your company expenses.

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Enjoy all the benefits of Expensya for one year for just the price of a fine restaurant!

Expense management mobile application
Why use Expensya ?
Expensya is an expense management software that streamlines how to manage professional expense reports to simplify your life!

Expense management

By using Expensya, efficiently and quickly manage your expense and your mileage claims!

Simple data export

With Expensya, easily export all your expense reports and send them to your manager or accountant!

Accountant Integration

The accountant of your company can easily monitor and control your employees' expenses and validate their mission reports.

Expenses Android

Fast scan

Fear of losing your paper bills? Take a photo, we will process them and archive them for you!

Web Application

Quickly and simply manage your expense reports with Expensya Web application!

Smart stats

Control your business expenses thanks to Expensya statistics module!

The best recognition technology on the market

Expensya automatically fills up your report, in 5 sec.

With our Fast Scan, forget about entering your business expenses and let our Machine Learning technology do it for you.

Automatic data extraction

Our algorithms process your receipts to extract all the relevant data: amount, date, country, expense category and even multiple VAT!

Multi-format scan

Expensya Fast scan is able to process photos as well as PDF receipts.

Email processing

You have received a digital invoice by email? A simple email transfer and it will be processed and archived for you in seconds.

Fast scan of digital invoices, PDF, receipts

They trust us

Our customers testify

Our solution is used by thousands of companies. Customer satisfaction and the quality of our service are essential.

With its nomadic solution, Expensya makes expense management easier.

Expense reports software
Frédéric Catry
Sales Manager

A simple and efficient solution!

Expense reports software
Mohamad Mteyrek

We use Expensya in Brazil, India and Spain: reports are immediate and Expensya is a tailor-made solution for our employees wherever they are.

Professional spending app
Eduard Ferrer
Financial Director

Expensya offers rigour in the expense management process and the ability to manage expenses easily over time.

Professional spending app
Renaud Cornu

Expensya is very easy to use and saves time.

Expense reports software
Jérôme Atahias
VP Sales

Expensya facilitates the entry of my expenses and in particular my restaurant bills with the calculation of VAT. Expensya reduced my expense entry time by 30% and made it less daunting.

Professional spending app
Hatime Araki
Laraki Consultant

Our teams are very positive: the app is quickly adopted and intuitive... Congratulations!

Professional spending app
Philippe Merlet

Expensya is very easy to use and accessible on several platforms.

Professional spending app
Xavier Crouilles
General Manager

Expensya is available on Android, Windows Phone and iOS!

Forget spreadsheets! Forget lost receipts! Welcome to Expensya, the new expense reports software!

Expensya offers a simple, all-in one, multi-platform expense management solution. Don’t waste your time and be one of our happy users.

Expensya is designed for all companies regardless of their size, and is available on your favorite device!

Expense management mobile application

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