Business intelligence

Efficiently oversee your global spend

Maintain real-time control over your incurred expenses for greater visibility and management of your company’s global costs thanks to interactive dashboards and Business Intelligence.


Over 5,000 customers put their trust in us: corporations, mid-caps, SMEs and free-lancers. Expensya deploys relevant solutions for companies of all sizes in all sectors.

Visibilité en temps-réel

Real-time visibility

See your expenses in real time

Centralisation totale des données

Data centralization

Centralize all your data on a single platform

Aide à la prise de décision

Help with decision-making

Make informed decisions based on real data

Advanced BI reports 

Visualize your expenses in an innovative manner and determine the most significant expense categories thanks to business expense reporting. All incurred costs are consolidated and centralized in interactive dashboards generated by Power BI to efficiently guide your expense reports management. 

ISo_Rapports BI avancés
ISo_cube de données

Accurate management 

Centralize your data on a single platform to view your teams’ expenses in great detail. Efficiently manage expenses, analyze your data and make informed decisions thanks to business intelligence. 

Real-time monitoring and intelligent statistics 

Closely examine your company’s expenses in real time and monitor all of your teams’ incurred costs. Benefit from an overview of your expenses and view them in a custom manner for advanced analysis, be it by project, geographical zone or provider. 

ISo_Suivi en temps réel et statistiques intelligentes
ISo_Pilotage de précision

Data cube 

Expensya provides you with a high-precision data cube to analyze your expenses, thanks to its unique OCR+ technology, and to its ability to connect with your business travel tools. This cube allows you to generate your BI reports by offering processed data that is formatted and adapted for analysis. 

Accurately control the company’s expense management


“Expensya allows us to be one step ahead, and to do more consulting by always having real-time access to the necessary data.”

Yohan RaccahFounder and CEO, Ryce Consulting

“I had a hard time finding a tool that met the specific needs of accountants, who were looking for an analytical breakdown across several accounts and who were adamant on this matter. This drew us to Expensya, as everything is customizable!”

Sophie AnselinIS Project Manager, Rouge Gorge 

“This is what I appreciate about Expensya: There are lots of configurations that allow us to adapt the solution to our needs, form a technical standpoint or on the interface. We have in-house terms that better correspond to our activity. This capacity to customize is highly suited to our company!”

Damien LopezProject manager, Coopaname

The time has come to efficiently manage your business expenses!

Analyze your expenses and make informed decisions thanks to Business Intelligence