Synchronize your expense reports with SAP thanks to our accounting integration: manage your expenses in Expensya with ease and import them into SAP at any time.


With Expensya, expense management will no longer be an expensive and time-consuming process: all stages of the process are automated to make your life easier and save you time.

  • Instant invoice processing with our OCR + technology
  • Archiving all data and receipts on a secure Cloud database
  • Integration in your IS and synchronization of your data with SAP

Add your expenses

Take a picture of your receipt or transfer it to expenses@expensya.com and we will process it for you.

Manage your expenses

By using Expensya, efficiently and quickly manage your expenses and your mileage claims.

Export your expense reports

Export your invoices from Expensya to SAP in one click with our dedicated export format.