Expensya integrates with your PeopleSoft software and gives you synchronization between your expense reports and your ERP to further simplify your processes.


You can connect your Expensya account to your PeopleSoft software and easily integrate your expenses to your ERP.

  • Just take a picture of the receipt, Expensya takes care of creating your expense thanks to OCR + technology
  • Transfer and validation are simplified with storage in the cloud
  • Integration with your ERP is automated, all expenses on Expensya are also found in PeopleSoft

Add your expenses

Take a picture of your receipt or transfer it to expenses@expensya.com and we will process it for you.

Manage your expenses

By using Expensya, efficiently and quickly manage your expenses and your mileage claims.

Export your expense reports

Export your invoices from Expensya to PeopleSoft in one click with our dedicated export format.