Expensya synchronizes with Divalto so that you can benefit from the best expense management solution, perfectly integrated with your software environment.


Expensya reinvents one of the most daunting processes in the professional world: expense reports management. Usually time-consuming for employees, managers and accountants, expense management is transformed with Expensya's Web and Mobile apps.

  • Forget about manual entry: Expensya does it automatically from a photo, a scan or an email.
  • Automate validation: Expensya automates the application of your expense policy and auto-detects duplicates.
  • Centralize your accounting data: Expensya integrates with Divalto to allow you to centralize all your data.

Add your expenses

Take a picture of your receipt or transfer it to expenses@expensya.com and we will process it for you.

Manage your expenses

By using Expensya, efficiently and quickly manage your expenses and your mileage claims.

Export your expense reports

Export your invoices from Expensya to Divalto in one click with our dedicated export format.