Use our public APIs

Easily synchronise your data between Expensya and your information system and allow your differents tools to communicate automatically.

API calls

3.4 Million API calls

Quick response time

Response time of a few milliseconds

High success rate

99.5% success rate

Active users

More than 40,000 active users

Integrate your solution to ours via our public APIs

Expensya’s public APIs allow you to quickly, and with complete autonomy, integrate our solutions and technologies to your platforms and applications, no matter the end-use.

Public API
  • Real-time data synchronisation
  • Quick, personalised, and scalable integration
  • Autonomous and more productive technical teams
  • Higher level of automation and customised workflows
  • Advanced and more powerful features to accelerate your growth

An API for each need, use and team

Access to our APIs, modules and technical documentation in order to easily integrate our expense management solutions to your ecosystem.

Ajoutez vos frais kilométriques depuis votre smartphone-1


Make the most of our smart recognition and know-how. Integrate our OCR+ character detection modules into your business tools and take advantage of the latest OCR technology to automate data entry.

Dépenses auto-gerer


The Expense API allows you to automatically add new expenses to your Expensya account as well as send receipts, export expense lists, and many more advanced configurations triggered automatically...

Contrôle et validation intelligents


Integrate the various “Projects” modules that are available to you in order to: add projects to your Expensya account, generate a list of all your projects, automatically update your existing projects, etc.

Suivi des données en temps réel

Company users

With an average 2.62 Million calls, Company users is our flagship API. This module automates the addition of new users to your Expensya account, the status update of existing users, and much more.

Exporter un rapport PDF-1


Use our export modules to download your expenses and those of your employees as well as download export reports in any given format needed thanks to personalised filters and custom-made configurations.

Bi copy


Reduce the time spent on managing your teams' expense reports by half. Automatically manage expense report control and validation workflows, in line with your company’s spending policy.

How to integrate our API?

API modules

Identify the API modules that best fit your needs

Technical docs

Use our technical documentation to implement your API

Automation with No code

Sit back, let the “No Code” work its magic, and enjoy your automated experience!

Why use our API?

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

Provide your teams with an even more seamless experience thanks to custom automated flows.

Technical support team

A technical team at your service

Our team of expert developers provides support throughout all the steps of your API integration project.

Simple integration

Unparalleled simplicity of integration

Easily integrate your API modules thanks to our comprehensive and precise technical documentation.

Discover Expensya’s APIs and enjoy a seamless integration experience


An API is a set of definitions and protocols that facilitate the creation and integration of application software. API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. 

API modules allow you to connect services provided by a software to others.

Thanks to APIs, computer programmes can interact with each other. 

All of our public APIs are included in Expensya’s Gold and Premium plans. For more information, get in touch with one of our sales representatives.